Amara La Negra

If there was ever a comparison to exemplify the diameters of Amara La Negra as an entertainer, it would be identical to the energy given by international musical starlet, Shakira. Amara’s musical inspiration hail from the ambiance of Beyoncé, the bold direction stemmed from Rihanna, and the soft inviting presence of Bruno Mars.

Amara is the embodiment of the woman of today who was created with a hint of the past and a twist of tomorrow. With a Spanish and Caribbean background, the songstress describes herself as eccentric, vibrant, and ambitious. Amara La Negra, born Diana Danelys De los Santos, is an international entertainer, singer/songwriter, actress, model, and esteemed philanthropist. She is a woman of dimensions who feeds her soul with the love and passion she inhales from performing across the world. 

From performances with some of Latin America’s music legend’s like Celia Cruz, the rising sensation who continues to capture fans in today’s entertainment arena remains undefined by one talent. Other performances include sharing the stage with Gloria Estefan, Oscar de León, Johnny Ventura, Los Hnos. Rosario, Tito Puente, Tito Nieves and Milly Quezada. Amara La Negra performs all kinds of musical genres, particularly rhythms hailing from the Caribbean including Dembow, Reggaeton, Tropical, Soul, Dance, Pop, R&B and Soca. September 2017, she was featured in Zawezo’s song “No Me Digas Que No,” and excelled in yet another genre that further celebrates her heritage, Afrobeat. Amara La Negra also enjoys performing for benefit concerts including for The American Cancer Society, and she prides herself on being enabled to give back to those who are experiencing uncontrollable circumstances. Her love of life and inspiring energy invites her fans to celebrate themselves and reach their fullest potential.  In the Dominican Republic, the country she proudly represents, she’s mainly known for her 2012 dembow hit entitled “Ayyfeat. Jowell & Randy, Los Pepes and Ricky Lindo. Yet Amara La Negra’s career expands beyond this one song. Fueling diversity in her appeal to crossover to the American musical industry, Amara re-introduced her passion in music with the anthem entitled “WHAT A BAM BAM” produced by Most Wanted in 2017. The track embraces the love of feeling good as the woman that you are, in your own skin, and reflects the essence of a woman’s uniqueness in a funky dance melody. 

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Amara La Negra channels the sunshine state for inspiration as musical direction to connect with her fans globally. She conveys a vibrant collage of Spanish and Caribbean experience while channeling a R&B and Hip Hop inspired concept in delivery. Amara has a formal educational background in performing arts, dance, modeling, and acting. Amara’s approach in her life and its obstacles that attempts disruption in her light remains to be unstoppable. Though her mother, an immigrant who arrived in the United States via the Mexican border, had to play the role of a mother and head of household; she supported Amara La Negra’s career by any means necessary. Her mother took her to auditions and supported her as Amara La Negra went on to win the Sabado Gigante’s contest “Miss Chiquita” in 1994. This contest was the performer’s first international exposure. Amara La Negra went on to be featured in commercials for brands like Hawaiian Punch, Oscar Mayers, and Walt Disney World just to name a few. She has been a part of Premios Lo Nuestro, Latin Grammy, Premios Juventud, Latin Billboards, among others notable special engagements broadcast around the world. 

The international entertainer and reality tv personality dominates her transition into the American mainstream spotlight with her transparent and multi-faceted charisma. Undeniably identified as the “Break Out Star” of Love & Hip Hop Miami Season 1, introduced another side of her talent as the leading lady in the new film entitled “Fall Girls” alongside actress/personality Tami Roman and Erica Peeples. The film was produced and directed by Chris Stokes, as well as, Marques Houston, Juanita Stokes, Jarell Houston, and Jerome Jones. The comedic film premiered on BET Network on January 2019. The film is collectively available now in stores on DVD, as well as, on Netflix. Amara La Negra captured fans with her striking beauty, unique presence, and vibrant energy on countless publication covers including People En Espanol. Latina Magazine, Rolling Out Magazine, Chicago Tribune’s Hoy newspaper, and Dominican Republic’s entertainment Flow Magazine just to name a few. Adding to her limitless portfolio, the international entertainer co-hosted the Emmy Award winning daytime talk show, The Real, for several months, hosted the 2018 BET Awards LIVE Experience stage alongside fellow Love & Hip Hop personality, Safaree, as well as, presented a stellar performance that captured the audience at the 2018 ALMA Awards for Fuse TV. Captivating a well-versed transition into the American entertainment arena while celebrating her Latin heritage and roots, Amara La Negra stole the love of fans as she competed in the Mira Quien Baila AllStars Dance show presented by Univision January 2019. Through her dedication, drive, and intense daily rehearsals; she landed a spot as a finalist to extend her activism and philanthropy efforts by representing the Dominican Women’s Development Center Organization to further funding and support got empowering all women globally.

It felt good to do something positive and represent progression for women empowerment on behalf of the Dominican Women’s Development Center ( as a Dominican woman with some influence. I was so determined to prove to myself that I could see this commitment all the way to the end.” 

January 2020, the multidimensional Bella celebrated transitioning as a contestant on the popular Latin dance show to a Presenter/Host of the latest Mira Quien Baila dance competition for the Univision network. 

Amara La Negra continues to promote self-love, confidence and the true bond between a mother and daughter by releasing a children’s book made available in English, Spanish and French for the ages of 5-10 years old. Amara La Negra’s first children’s book, titled “AMARITA’S WAY,” contains three stories that are intended to motivate positivity, inspiration, and ambition. The book is available on Amazon and all locations nationally of Barnes and Noble. McBride Publishing alongside Amara La Negra is currently producing the second edition under AMARITA’S WAY that covers awareness of bullying that helps children navigate in building a support system to be able to discuss any issues that they may face with a bully. 

The inspiring starlet seeks to extend the messages within her children’s book in a cartoon television series that provides a visual to motivate more positivity into the lives of children worldwide.

The rising starlet expresses her personality fashionably with a bold, undefined, classy, infused with a vibrant wild style. She defines her approach based on the energy she transcends at that time: with some days as elegant, high couture and a look of vogue, as well as, other days there will be loud, colorful mix open to the volume that fashion gives the world. Amara defines her own style infusion of confidence, boldness, fearless that holds no limits. 

Spring 2019, Amara La Negra released her first EP entitled “UNSTOPPABLE” under the BMG imprint. After being signed to the global record label, the songstress captivated fans with the project that featured a Spanglish compilation of work. Amara La Negra is currently recording new music for a new project that she wants to introduce her fans to this year. 

Adding to the depth of Amara La Negra, fans was captivated watching the rising star in the hit franchise of Love & Hip Hop: Miami. As the latest season premiered January 6, 2020, Amara La Negra introduced fans to a more personal side of her life as she expands her love life, empire, and share the recent challenges that her career has faced behind the scenes and closed doors. Amara is the pivotal highlight of the Miami Afro-Latina culture combined with a sassy infusion of beautiful on the show. 

Following the recent height of Amara La Negra’s career in music and entertainment, the performer signed with United Talent Agency Worldwide in 2018 also recognized as “UTA Music.” The United Talent Agency is identified as a premiere global agency that represents esteemed figures in entertainment and media including film and television. With offices held in New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, Miami and international hubs that include London, Malmo, and Sweden. 

Amara La Negra’s stage name unapologetically celebrates her blackness; a form of defiance in the region of Latin America where some countries view the word “Negra” as pejorative. Society where black women are oversexualized, the public often only recognizes Amara La Negra for her unapologetic sexual prowess. What is missing in this narrative is that Amara La Negra is in fact owning the way in which she is perceived, her message is that of unapologetic strong ambience while also exuding joy in other ways: she encourages supporters to reach their fullest potential via social media messages, she’s an entrepreneur and allows the world to witness her own struggles, and she’s always ready to speak up and speak out for her own rights and that of Afro-Latinas. She isn’t afraid to be break the mold in every possible way. As there are some who are only able to see her flaunt her figure while ignoring how she flaunts her voice and inspiring messages reflects a society where a woman can’t be both sexy and intelligent: Amara La Negra is all of this and more!

Amara La Negra is official the spokesperson for Empower U Foundation. The mission of Empower “U”, Inc., Community Health Center (EUCHC) is to empower, educate, and promote better health care choices for individuals and families at risk for and/or affected by health disparities.